10 Reasons to User a Travel Agent in 2018

1. Travel is a unique purchase because you are buying both a product and a service.

A travel agent knows how to sell all parts—the airline, hotel, and vacation venue that best match your needs, and the service that will guarantee your meeting is seamless and stress-free.

2. Travel agents are trained to take a critical look at each piece of your vacation puzzle.

They make sure each piece meets your specific needs, so you’re happy with every penny you spend.

3. They can make sense of the multitude of options from airlines, hotels, and vacation locations.

This year travel agents are offering more brands than ever before in history — all over the world. Is South America the right region for you? How do hotel star ratings compare on different continents? How truthful is TripAdvisor? A Travel Agent professional can decipher the subtle differences and choose the one that fits your requirements for your unique vacation.

4. Travel agents save you time and money.

The time and money you spend with them will be returned to you many times over in the form of efficiency, upgrades, convenience and great service. With the airline reservation process alone, the agent can provide options including travel length and connection times at the lowest fare by comparing airlines side-by-side in real-time.


5. They are your advocate. 

Whether you need an upgrade for a VIP or last-minute changes due to weather, your travel agent will be there for you, intervening with vendors on your behalf.

6. They are the experts. 

Like a doctor or an accountant, a travel agent will ask the right questions, listen to your answers, understand your pain, and offer expert advice to guide you in making one of your most important decisions — how to spend your valuable time away from the office. Because there are no do-overs for a meeting gone wrong.

7. Knowledge is power. 

From the visa and passport requirements to the name of the maître d’ at the best restaurant in town, a good travel agent has the inside information that makes your vacation perfect.


8. They have your back. 

When things go wrong, a travel agent professional way know whom to call to get it fixed on the spot. If your flight is canceled, just have a seat and pick up the phone while the rest of the passengers are lined up trying to rebook. 

9. They are your personal shopper.

Over time your travel agent professional gets to know you; your likes and dislikes. You are so much more than a client to them—and they provide the human connection that makes every meeting more pleasant and meaningful. 

10. They can offer customized travel experiences that no one else can. 

After 20 or 30 years in the business, a travel agent professional has the connections to arrange for the customized menus, the special arrangements, the upgrades and little touches that are not available to the general public. Because in this wide and amazing and wonderful world, you just don't know what you don't know. So ask someone who does—ask your trusted Travel agent!