AIR ONLY Group Ticketing for Third Party Planners

Let Summit Management be your ultimate ticketing solution

Let Summit’s expert ticketing team will provide boutique agency service to your group and individual travelers.   We know this complex marketplace inside out!   

How many times have you heard your travelers say “I could have booked a lower fare myself?” All too often corporate agencies (paid by transaction) process reservations as fast as they can, following “policy.”  You can pay hundreds more for tickets than you need to.   Still, your ticketing is too important to be left to chance internet bookings.

We provide custom air travel solutions for groups and organizations which need to control flight costs.   Get free air quotes and analysis from our experienced air travel team, perfect for:

  • Site Selection Research
  • Meeting Planners
  • Tour Operators
  • Destination Events

Summit books ALL major airlines with just one call.  We have over 30 years’ experience catering to groups and executives.    If your traveler needs a car rental or assistance with any other travel-related service, we take care of it at the same time.   

And at Summit, when your travelers call back to confirm arrangements, chances are they will speak to the same agent right away!
Our success is based on satisfied customers who know they can trust us – and that is important!  

Your group/meeting will be assigned to one of our lead agents, and you will become our agent’s direct client.  He or she will process the initial reservation request, whether by phone call or online registration form.  Before ticketing, we will be sure your traveler confirms acceptance of the itinerary by email, saving you time and money.    You will always have access to the latest booking information.  

We keep you apprised of client travel deviation requests and provide advice with the best way to handle difficult situations.  We can play the “bad cop” role professionally so that you or your client can keep an arm’s length decision from the transaction to better serve your client’s needs.  

Each guest will receive the highest possible level of VIP service with respect to booking air travel – We provide a level of service most corporate air travel departments simply can’t maintain.  We are ambassadors to your guests and will deliver superior results.   Try us once and you’ll understand our level of dedication.    


We watch Your BOTTOM LINE

We know how fares work and understand many of today’s air travel costs don’t make sense.  We will notify you about fare idiosyncrasies or extenuating circumstances before ticketing, so you have no last minute surprises.   Our agents hate expensive tickets as much as you do! 
You’ll receive weekly update reports on fares booked, and our final invoice will be reconciled in an easy to review format.   You will understand where each travel dollar was spent. 
May we ask you a simple question?    What is the most difficult challenge you face in arranging travel for your meeting participants and executives?   Getting initial responses?  Following up on procrastinators?   Enforcing policy?   Or something else entirely?   We want to know! 
Let Summit Management give your invited guests VIP service levels you won’t find online or at a typical corporate agency.

On-Site Peace of Mind

Our easy to read arrival/departure manifests that facilitate transfers where needed.    And for larger groups, upon request, your project manager can be dispatched for on-site duty, complete with full reservation capabilities.  
Should a weather emergency or other event disrupt travel, our Agent can be on call to help you and your guests complete their travels.  While we can’t promise miracles, at least you’ll have access to someone who can work with your guests for rebooking and rerouting – without having to spend hours on the phone trying to get through to swamped airlines. 


At Summit Management, there’s never a charge for an air quote.
We hold reservations for 24 hours after booking (after which reservations cancel automatically unless a form of payment is provided).   We will work closely with each guest to provide the logical applicable fare at the time of booking.  
Above all, we are here to place a human being is behind each trip… not just an automated system.

Bonus Bookings

We’ll help analyze your payment methods and be sure you’re signed up for airline bonus programs, credit card bonuses, and free tickets – benefits many businesses neglect to capture. Business ExtrAA, Perks Plus, and more.

Charter Services

Last minute bookings on private jets, prop planes, and helicopters can be provided with just one call.  973-239-4005 Ext 110.

Establishing the Best Airfare

We actively pursue aggressive fare reduction policies. 

Based on directions received by the Sponsor of the trip, we optimize traveler convenience with company policy.  We will also help evaluate needs for early and late departures based on the traveler’s needs, and keep the Planner out of the direct discussions. 

Above all, it is the agent’s responsibility to get the traveler to their destination in a manner which optimizes courteous service, respect for the attendee’s time, and value of the sponsor’s travel dollar.

Our airfares factor in a multitude of variables that only an agent with years of experience can provide.  Our starting point is the most logical available service from the guest’s home to their destination. However, our staff will offer alternate routings to help reduce the cost of the travel.   

Please Note:
On any given meeting or event, we typically encounter a number of participants who refuse to fly on any carrier other than their “preferred” frequent flier carrier, regardless of price.  We always treat such requests discreetly.

Under these circumstances, your trust and confidence in the air-travel booking agent is the single most important factor in controlling airfares.

Summit has absolutely no incentive to do anything other than to get your customers to and from their destination as conveniently and inexpensively as possible.  Large corporate agencies still benefit from override commissions and may have a greater incentive to divert business to their preferred carriers. 
Summit will provide the following information and propose the following fees after we have gathered all of the information needed for you to include in your program 

  1. Estimated Budget: Provided at no charge
  2. Arrival and Departure list: Included at no charge
  3. Initial Booking by Phone Call (US): $50  (Unlimited calls until ticketed) 
  4. Initial Booking by Phone (Int’l): $60 (Unlimited calls until ticketed)
  5. Booking via Online Form/Email: $40 (Domestic)
  6. Booking via Online Form/Email: $50 (International)
  7. Visa Support and Assistance, International Travel: $75
  8. Change Fee: $25 ( plus applicable airline fee)
  9. After Hour/Weekend Calls: $50 per call

Use of our proprietary online registration software (ONCORR) is also available.   Please add $10.00 per reservation.   

(One time Setup Fee of $250.00 - includes 2 passwords as organizer and provide 24/7 real time access to registration information)

Please Note: All fees are payable at the end of the program so there are no upfront costs to you.    Tickets must be paid for at time of booking or prior to issuance if not on credit card. 
Major Credit Cards are accepted for all transactions.