Optimized Travel

Summit's booking team follows the concept of Lowest Logical Airfare, unless the client policy specifically directs us to do otherwise. Within the US, virtually all air travel is booked at the lowest available coach fare at the time of booking. Invited guests, however, are usually invited to state their preference for airline, and, all things equal, are usually allowed to travel nonstop wherever a cheaper connecting flight would take 2 or more hours longer to complete a trip. Summit's experienced air staff can usually guide travelers towards less expensive flights, but in cases where important guests have specific requests or demands, we discuss them with the project manager to come up with a solution or compromise. When booking certain airlines is impossible through normal GDS processes, we "go the extra mile" to bring our attendees to their meetings if it's feasible to do so. We process internet only airline bookings on carriers such as Easy Jet, Pegasus, and even some of the Russian internal carriers such as Saratov. And when we can't process tickets via conventional means, we work with our guests to find the most cost effective and convenient way to get them to the meeting.