Investigator Meetings

Investigator Meetings are the lynchpin of clinical drug trials.

Pharma companies can only get the best ROI if investigators and their staff experience a well-organized, positive, and efficient meeting.

The higher their enthusiasm coming out of the meeting, the more effective they will be in enrolling patients for the study.

Conversely, a negative experience will inevitably doom the study to failure, wasting valuable time and resources for everyone involved.


Why Outsource Investigator Meetings?

  • Investigator Meetings are much more complex than they may appear – requiring far more than site selection, menu planning, guest registration and bill reconciliation
  • Time and labor-intensive tasks require special expertise
  • Database management and changes for attendees continue up until the last moment.
  • On-site duties would take internal staff out of the office for days – and often require comp time for weekends
  • Coordinate A/V, Ground Transportation, and hundreds of other details – often in unfamiliar locations
  • Hundreds of reimbursements for expenses to process

With so much on the line, you can trust Summit Management to plan all aspects of your Investigator Meetings from start to finish. 

Summit has been producing high-quality Investigator Meetings for over 30 years, working with some of the world's top pharmas to bring new drugs successfully to market. Our services include providing support to the pharmaceutical/biotech industry along the whole life of a product, from its R&D stages, through approval, to its successful marketing stages.

Since pharma is our specialty, we can navigate all the rules and regulations as well as keep you ahead of the curve on current trends and guidelines.

As part of our compliance standards, we submit Sunshine Act reporting both domestically and internationally.

Our vast experience and agility means that we can get last-minute meetings started within days instead of weeks. When time and budgets are a constraint, we are at our best.

Furthermore, we are a full-service one-stop shop, with our own logistical planning, travel, technology/audiovisual, and accounting departments all in-house.

We have cultivated professional relationships all over the world, enabling us to negotiate the best rates for hotel, transportation, hotel, food & beverage, shipping and translation services from a vast network of vendors.

Summit is on the cutting edge of meeting techniques. These include Presenter In The Center (PIC), which gives speakers more attention and Audience Response System (ARS) which gives participants more of a voice.

We can also use the latest technology to help you conduct virtual or hybrid meetings tailored to your needs.

Our goal is to deliver the highest-quality meeting services at the most cost-effective price for all of our clients.

Do you need a Quick Turn-Around?  At Summit that is something we excel at!  

From initial inquiry and venue selection to Website and hosting, we can be ready to go in 48 hours.  We will work hand and glove with your CRO. Just get us your requirements and watch how quickly the guests can be invited.   If the event date is just four weeks for domestic events and six for International, you will appreciate what we are saying.   We have the resources to accomplish this project.  Invitations can be ready to go out in 48 hours via our own website. We provide total turnkey or a la carte meeting services. 

Summit Management Delivers Service, Performance, Cost Control. We know what your Meeting Requirements Are!