Honeymoon Planning

Summit is your one-stop shop for a fully-customized honeymoon experience that will create memories sure to last a lifetime. Unlike big-box travel agencies we offer unique itineraries custom-tailored to you. None of our packages are off-the-shelf cookie cutter programs.

Our travel professionals will ensure you will have the lowest possible air, car, and hotel rates while our knowledgeable planners partner with you to create the most fun and unforgettable itinerary whatever your time or budgetary constraints.

Here are a few reasons why honeymooners trust us with the most important trip of their lives:

Selection: We start with a private consultation blueprint.  From there, the rest is all good business. The selction process will include destinations and resorts worldwide.  We will help you source all the places you are thinking about and find what is the best for you.  We will outline hotel air and tours, and help you create a budget. 

Flights: After the destination is established can help you consider coach vs business class on a long haul flight.  

A travel agent can recommend a business class seat from the airlines directly or from wholesalers that can save you a lot of money depending on whether you are flying domestically over a short distance or internationally over a long distance.

Our air agents can save you a small fortune traveling around the world with a few unusual convenient stops around the globe. For example, a trip to Chiang Mai or Koh Samui via Dubai on Emirates or Turkish via Istanbul, enjoying custom meals and sleeper seat in business class.  I doubt that you knew that a travel agent can do a lot of things with air that will make your travel cost less and a lot more comfortable.  There aren’t many websites that will tell you about free transfers from airport to hotels, but the travel agent may be able to share these secrets with you.  


Here is another great tip when traveling the inter islands or Hawaii.  A business class seat on Hawaiian Air does not cost much more than coach yet affords free luggage, seat assignment, priority boarding and use of a lounge while waiting for your flight.  Just the luggage fee alone might make the difference. 

Budget: We will help you create a realistic budget; determine what are “must haves”, where to splurge and what to cut. Know before you go what you should add and reduce.   Don’t forget the food. 

Customization: Your trip will not be an off-the-shelf product unless a package is what you desire.  You will be working with one person to quarterback the honeymoon.  Three people will be involved.  One person will be intimately involved with your trip, one person will consult on airline options, and one person can help you with social media inclusions. 

Planning Your Itinerary: Take suggestions from friends as a roadmap but do not use their itinerary.  Share the planning with your significant other; each taking a part in preparing reading and evaluating the location you are zeroing in on.  

Knowledge:  You will get great advice from a well-traveled agent and airline reservation professionals. 

Sample Honeymoon Itinerary:

Some of our Favorite Honeymoon Destinations for 2018:



You’ll find a melting pot of contrasting experiences in Thailand, from the vibrant non-stop city of Bangkok with its temples, Buddhas, floating markets and colourful nightlife; to the stunning beaches of Phuket, Koh Samui, Krabi and Pattaya. Plus, if you want to escape the beaten track, look out for Thailand’s hidden gems and discover beautiful unspoilt areas.



Dubai has so much to offer newlyweds looking for a memorable honeymoon experience. It's a very easy transition from any American city while still feeling wildly exotic and exciting. Additionally, Dubai is a major hub for airlines like Emirates (whose amazingly comfy business-class seats are like a preview of the luxury and hospitality you’ll experience in the city) and makes a great several-day stopover en route to other destinations in Europe, Africa, or Asia. Another major boon: It gets 300-plus days of sunshine a year.



The Maldives are located southwest of Sri Lanka, on the equator. There are 1,190 coral islands, forming an archipelago of 26 major atolls, 202 islands are inhabited, 100 are exclusive luxury island resorts. Many of these islands offer a serene paradise, making it a perfect destination for a honeymoon.


Costa Rica

Costa Rica is incredibly affordable, with something for everyone. Costa Rica has several tour operators that can build your custom experience of the country based on your budget and interests. Do you want shuttles to your destinations, waterfall hikes, volcanic hot springs, horseback riding, ziplining and whitewater rafting while staying at inexpensive hotels? Done.