Summit Travel Management

Summit Travel Management (STM) is a service that manages a company’s approach to travel, including the negotiations with all Airlines, Hotels, and Vendors.

STM should not be confused with the work of a traditional Travel Agency. While agencies provide the day-to-day travel services to corporate clients, we are the implementing arm of what the corporation has negotiated and put forth in policy. 

Summit helps to determine the best travel options while utilizing real people and common sense.  Automation with vast experience are two ingredients that dictate a better outcome 100% of the time.  Using this method gives our clients the best ROI per travel dollar.

Combining new technology, logistics and industry input we help you decide on the best option - working with the traveler and company. Thinking outside the box and going that extra mile make Summit different.  

For many companies Travel and Expenses (T&E) costs represent one of the highest annual expenditures. At Summit we are able to help manage those costs. T&E costs are not only limited to travel (airlines, hotel, car rental, local transfers, etc.) but also include all costs incurred during travel such as staff and client meals, taxi fares, gratuities, client gifts, supplies (office supplies and services), etc. Furthermore, this area often includes meeting management, traveler safety and security as well as credit card and overall travel data management.
STM has a proven track record of working seamlessly with your Financial, HR and Corporate Travel Management where applicable.

SMS will work with you from concept to completion, we are your turnkey travel meeting management Company.  It is no problem if you have your own air department, as our registration software allows you to utilize your own agency, SMS is available with all of the other needs. We can be your one-stop company for meeting and event management services.

Joe’s business is all about supporting your business needs when it comes to travel and meeting arrangements.Joe and his team bring their extensive travel knowledge and experience to meet your needs in an unparalleled way which helps you focus on running a successful meeting.
— A Top 25 Pharma Executive