Webinar Management

A successful webinar plan must begin with a clear understanding of the goals and benchmarks to be met. Roles and responsibilities need to be defined and your plan of action plotted.

Who is to be invited, and how

A list of guests to be invited needs to be compiled and a determination of how and when each of these people will be contacted.

Who will be the presenters be

We speak with each presenter to gather all of the presentations materials in order to organize and test them. We also make sure that each of the presenters is familiar with the process, the technology and the flow of the webinar and their role as well as the roles of others in producing the event. This requires a rehearsal.


Who does what during the webinar

The roles of everyone involved must be defined early in the planning segment. Aside from the moderator and presenters, the role of the webinar technician is to:

  • Review webinar protocol before the sessions
  • Switch between the presnenters and moderator
  • Monitor the presentation
  • Support and assist the presenters
  • Troubleshoot any issues
  • Record the session
  • Make adjustments when necessary

What happens after the live event

After the event, the technical team will:

  • Provide a video recording of the event
  • Host the video on a server
  • Provide a finished copy to the client