ONCORR Online Registration

Summit’s state-of-the-art, integrated ONCORR (Online Conference Registration & Reporting) software and travel management systems improve conference attendance and aid cost containment mandates.

This propietary revolutionary conference-planning software was designed specifically for corporate meeting planning. Our comprehensive meeting management systems allow secure, around-the-clock access to registrants and meeting planners from any device. 



  • Easy to use formats 
  • Instantaneous registration confirmation
  • Automatic program agenda distribution
  • Multi-lingual registration displays 
  • Spanish, French, German, Portuguese
  • Eliminates handwriting/manual input errors
  • Information remains available after meeting




  • Customizable questions
  • Request, evaluate and select meeting sites
  • Distribute conference materials easily
  • Password-protected access for security
  • E-mail module facilitates attendee contact
  • Can interface with your air travel vendor


  • 20+ different reporting capabilities including Attendee, Function Count, Rooming List, Per Night, Cell Phone, and many more.
  • Export to Word, Excel, and PDF
  • Custom reporting available
I had the pleasure of working with Summit Management for two years in the clinical research space. Summit has a deep understanding of the clinical space in supporting various meeting types within the division. Summit has extensive international expertise. Relationships with hotels around the globe proved to be valuable when needed to ensure a positive outcome for our internal client base. Summit’s top priority is customer service and ensuring a positive experience for clients in the appropriate context. They understand the regulatory environment of the pharmaceutical industry. Summit has an efficient proprietary attendee and meeting management tool call Oncorr. Oncorr is accessible by both attendees and planners. Reporting is functional and easily accessible. Summit has a business relationship with Cedar Grove travel. This relationship enables Summit to quickly and accurately facilitate air analysis and managing ticketing on an as needed and on demand basis. This capability is highly beneficial in servicing global clinical meetings with attendees from around the globe. Overall, Summit is a strong client focused meeting management company with expertise in multiple meeting types, knowledge of pharmaceutical environment and consistent high quality meeting execution.
— A Top 25 Pharma Executive