Our mission is to provide you with all the tools to make your event a success.

    who We Are

    For over 30 years, Summit Management Services has been a client-centered provider of corporate meeting planning, business travel management, conference technology, and medical education services.

    We are committed to excellence in Meetings Management in both the domestic and international arenas. We specialize in creating, planning and managing professional programs designed to support corporate efforts to educate and inform specific audiences on a message or product, using press, group communication forums and exhibits as vehicles to achieve these goals.

    In the 21st Century, technology is essential to build better meetings, create superior events and maintain the highest level of efficiency and professionalism for all programs. Summit Management Services utilizes these available industry technologies to ensure success, savings; and most importantly, client satisfaction.

    What We Do

    Summit Management Services makes meeting planning easy. With just one call, you'll get comprehensive information on hotels, conference facilities, and group airfares. You'll also get help with the thousands of details which go into planning a successful meeting. Our "One Stop Shopping" concept means Summit Management is your most efficient meeting planning resource.  Our mandate is to create the best possible meeting at the best possible value – staying within the authorized budgetary limitations.

    Summit Management Services commits to meeting objectives for its clients. We deliver an exceptional level of expertise to every project.

    Our client’s objectives become our mandate. This strong, focused dedication to your project provides an often overlooked but quite valuable by-product: a tremendous savings due to eliminating the need to maintain a full-time meeting planning staff.

    We know that when a business divests itself of functions that are not directly relevant to its core business, it doesn’t divest itself of the need for the function – just of the need to maintain the overhead.

    How We Work

    Each new project brings opportunities and challenges. We are proud of our ability to respond. We work hard, with a clear focus and a commitment to quality that is second to none.

    We operate on a project-by-project basis. We visit with you and gather information about your business. Depending on your specific needs and objectives, we develop a concept, a theme, a budget and we assemble a meetings team. We detail the program elements to give you a program that meets your unique situation, and bring your message to your target audience with clarity and conviction.

      Joe and his company provided excellent services to my department. He organized and managed hundreds of meetings, both in the US and in the international arena. My staff fully relied on Joe’s staff to handle all aspects of the meeting, allowing them to concentrate their efforts on the agenda issues of the meeting. Whenever problems were brought to Joe and/or his staff, they took action and promptly resolved them. They allowed my department to run cost-effective meetings. They delivered high value services.
      — A Top 25 Pharma Executive