Client Satisfaction

Since our clients generally do not allow us to contact meeting attendees directly, the best metric is feedback from our customer stakeholders.

Our standard process is to engage in a project review with key stakeholders after each meeting. We understand (as do many of our clients) that while a flawless meeting is a goal, there are many variables beyond the control of the most aggressive plan.

We do have the capability to provide attendee satisfaction surveys, and for clients to request such a tool, we are able to work with the responses to create more effective meetings.

Ultimately, the best test of client satisfaction is our retention rate. While no relationship lasts forever, Summit sees very little client turnover, as we demonstrate our abilities as a valuable project partner with important input - rather than as a mere outside vendor providing generic services.


As an example, a “generic” vendor might just provide airline ticket processing services. In contrast, Summit Management acts as a true partner and manages the site selection process through evaluation of the best location given participating countries. We evaluate travel time, required extra days for early arrivals and late departures, help to secure visas, and interface with attendees in countries around the world at all hours of the day.