Joe and his company (Cedar Grove Travel d.b.a. Summit Management Services) stepped in a critical time for me and my organization to provide outsourced meeting logistical services to a very important “new” book of business. Joe and his team were able to provide top tier service domestically and abroad allowing my client to focus on their business with minimal distractions. I highly recommend Joe and his team.
— A Fortune 500 executive
Joe and his company (Summit) provided outstanding international meeting logistical services to the research division within our company. Joe and his team provided service for meetings with internal and external attendees, many of whom were very demanding. The computer technology that Summit utilizes to manage everything from sourcing to invitations to on-site logistics to the final reconciliation is very impressive. I highly recommend Joe and his team.
— A Top 50 Pharma Executive
Joe and his team did a wonderful job of planning, great communication and always provided alternatives when things didn’t go as planned. The meeting was great. I would certainly work with him again.
— A Top 25 Pharma Executive
Joe and his team at Summit Management are TOP NOTCH meeting planners for the pharmaceutical industry. I have had the pleasure of working with Summit for nearly 15 years and they are a highly competent, customer focused service provider that delivers excellent quality and value. I would highly recommend them for anyone planning an investigator’s meeting whether in-person or virtual setting.
— A Top 25 Pharma Executive
I had the pleasure of working with Summit Management for two years in the clinical research space. Summit has a deep understanding of the clinical space in supporting various meeting types within the division. Summit has extensive international expertise. Relationships with hotels around the globe proved to be valuable when needed to ensure a positive outcome for our internal client base. Summit’s top priority is customer service and ensuring a positive experience for clients in the appropriate context. They understand the regulatory environment of the pharmaceutical industry. Summit has an efficient proprietary attendee and meeting management tool call Oncorr. Oncorr is accessible by both attendees and planners. Reporting is functional and easily accessible. Summit has a business relationship with Cedar Grove travel. This relationship enables Summit to quickly and accurately facilitate air analysis and managing ticketing on an as needed and on demand basis. This capability is highly beneficial in servicing global clinical meetings with attendees from around the globe. Overall, Summit is a strong client-focused meeting management company with expertise in multiple meeting types, knowledge of pharmaceutical environment and consistent high quality meeting execution.
— - A Top 100 Pharma Executive
Joe’s business is all about supporting your business needs when it comes to travel and meeting arrangements. Joe and his team bring their extensive travel knowledge and experience to meet your needs in an unparalleled way which helps you focus on running a successful meeting.
— A Satisfied Incentive Customer
On behalf of my team, I want to thank you all for a well planned Investigators Meeting. Mary Ellen and I were very pleased with the results and both feel Summit Management did a great job. Deverene was great accomodating my requests under somewhat difficult constraints with the ATS congress and Tulane’s graduation the same weekend. The little things in life for me count more than words can express like Carol tapping on the shoulder during the reception to advice me one of our key KOLs had arrived and was right behind me (this was the first time I was meeting him and would not have recognized him). Thank you Carol for always keeping me informed of who was missing and or on the way to the meeting. I also want to thank both Zki and Max for their patience with the speakers especially those who came to Zki last minute with updated presentations right before starting the meeting. It takes patience to do what Zki does but more importantly experience. Thank you Zki for all your attention to details and the wonderful music and memorable pictures. Joe: You have a great team!
— A Top 25 Pharma Executive
Joe and his company provided excellent services to my department. He organized and managed hundreds of meetings, both in the US and in the international arena. My staff fully relied on Joe’s staff to handle all aspects of the meeting, allowing them to concentrate their efforts on the agenda issues of the meeting. Whenever problems were brought to Joe and/or his staff, they took action and promptly resolved them. They allowed my department to run cost-effective meetings. They delivered high value services.
— - A Top 25 Pharma Executive