The most comprehensive Event Experience Platform on the market.

With our app partner, EventMobi, you have all of the tools and technology you need to engage your attendees in a single, easy-to-use platform—saving you precious time and effort when it comes to delivering an incredible event.

The right platform for every event.

You can use our event platform for a number of event experiences. Whether you’re planning an internal staff meeting or training session, or large-scale sales kick-off or conference – everything you need is right here.

Ensure you hit your conference goals

Hosting a conference or expo requires a lot of hard work and planning. Whether your goal is to increase attendee engagement, educate or inspire, our platform ensures your attendees experience your event to its fullest.

Keep attendees engaged and informed

Ensure attendees have everything they need to know about your conference or expo in the palm of their hands. Our mobile conference apps provide access to speakers, sessions, sponsors, venue info and more. All while providing the opportunity to network and engage with one another.