When choosing whether to use a personalized firm or a big box agency, there are a variety of factors to consider. While the decision starts with what kind of customer experience you want, obviously the results are what matter most. 

Why choose a personalized firm?


you're the big fish

  • With the right technology, an experienced independent personalized meeting planner has all the resources of a sprawling big box corporation.
  • The big difference is instead of being just another number, clients can have as much face-to-face time as they want, which is what the meeting business is all about!
  • Because our success is tied DIRECTLY to our clients’ success, every program is given the highest  priority with no details overlooked and no stones unturned.

attention to detail, attention to you

  • As a personalized firm, we partner with our clients and take the time to get to know their structure, norms, organization, culture, vision and target audience, even before planning begins.
  • Once the planning gets started, dedicated team members are assigned and are fully focused ONLY on the client and the event. The same people at Summit are accountable from start of the meeting till the end. 
  • We are always available for internal meetings and conference calls so that we know the details of your event inside and out.


make red tape obsolete

  • At Summit, key players make decisions quickly, without unnecessary bureaucracy.
  • Our staff is trusted and empowered to be responsive to our clients’ changing requirements.
  • Instead of being process-oriented, we are solution-oriented.

flexibility for meetings big and small

  • Summit has the flexibility to add staff as needed to support your event, whether it involves 50 people or 500.
  • “On demand staffing” lowers event overhead and cost. We pull from a experienced pool of dedicated staff, which supports the principal team as needed. 
  • Having an extensive group of seasoned professionals provides our clients added resources to enhance a variety of event needs when required.


more bang for your buck

  • Summit typically has a lower fee structure (due to less overhead, no investors to appease each quarter and the need to be more competitive) than the big box agencies (many of whom are owned by publicly-held, multi-national conglomerates). 
  • In terms of time and energy devoted by top-level talent, and attention paid to your needs—what you’ll receive for your meeting investment with a big box vs. a personalizedagency—is very different.

custom-tailoring your meeting

  • At Summit, we don’t give you a program “off-the-shelf”. Every meeting is created specifically for you.
  • The process may be the same but the end product is customized to the client needs, with a focus on engaging the audience.
  • Our approach remains the same, but the end result is always customized to your needs, always keeping your audience’s maximum engagement in mind.


Fortune 500 Quality that Doesn’t Cost a Fortune

  • Some of the world’s largest pharma companies have designed their Meeting Planning Departments based on years of experience with our best practices.
  • The leading event management software was built upon aspects of our very own ONCORR registration system.
  • With Summit, our clients receive state-of-the-art services with personalizedpersonalization.