Two-Way Personal Screens

Bringing a new level of interactivity, engagement, and excitement to your live events

We have been saying for years to bring the technology back into the meeting room, the right way. Stop the browsing and e-mail reading and see the presentation up close and personal. Create an immersive presentation to fuly engage your audience. 

ARRAY live meeting technology optimizes information exchange and ensures analytic-driven improvement over time our your conferences, seminars, keynotes, and sales meetings.

Our partners Educational Measures delpoys the ARRAY service on the latest Apple iPad technology for meetings of all sizes. The application has been tested many times over and proven reliable. With over 6,000 events under their belt and over 1 million participants, their team of experts walk you through the entire meeting life cycle.

  • Plan and Design - help you plan for the right content and make use of all capabilities
  • Deploy and Test - run your system on a privae, secure network and triple test
  • Manage and Monitor - remain onsite to make sure everything goes as planned
  • Measure and Improve - collect data and make it avaialble for live meeting analytics

Through interactive personal screen technology: 

Meeting Stakeholders can:

  • Understand detailed audience response to content as it is presented
  • Engage with surveys, evaluations, simulations, and contests
  • Dialogue with the audience in real-time
  • Inspire the audience with surprises in the way content is presented
  • Improve presentations, content, and meeting impact over time
  • Do research in real-time, publish and monetize the results
  • Compare meeting impace across multiple meetings or events

Meeting Particpants can:

  • Rate all slides and content individually
  • Take notes with a stylus or keyboard
  • Participate in surveys, simulations, and contests
  • Ask and answer questions
  • Dialogue with the presenter or presentation team
  • Capture and save all alides and selected resources
  • Continue the dialogue after the live meeting