Planning Your Dream Honeymoon


If you want extra guidance planning your honeymoon, rely on a professional travel agent.  We are often your best bet as to when, where and how to get there.  We have insider knowledge to hotels and destinations and are also particularly good at assisting with airline offerings to include routing, seat assignment together at the best price.  We can show you that a simple round-trip purchased on an airline website is just not going to cut it (that alone should help cover the planning fee).

An experienced agent can help planning an itinerary, fare options (coach vs business vs first class).  Our systems allow us to scan a variety of different airlines and this is worth its weight in gold.  With all of the deals and discounts, it is easy to get mixed up and it becomes hard to see the differences. 

Planning the honeymoon travel experience goes far beyond the capabilities of the average honeymoon travel planner. You can always determine a good planner from a poor one if they don’t know all the answers. There is nothing wrong with saying they need to do some research as opposed to just making up an answer. 

Over the years we have cultivated personal relationships with hoteliers and suppliers that can often provide, but not guarantee a better room, view, or amenity.  

Sometimes travel agents are able to book a resort or hotel that is nearly sold out and still get you a special rate.  We can also save you endless research time and can offer first-hand destination knowledge. We help you choose the perfect destination that is the correct fit during and after our first consultation. Our job is not done until the client is home and satisfied with the honeymoon.  


Some Other Tips for a Dream Honeymoon:

1.   Should We Delay Our Honeymoon Until Well After The Wedding?

Plan your honeymoon up for up to a year after the wedding and enjoy your out of town guests that came to your wedding: In the end select key dates and travel when there is a lower rate;  Perhaps shoulder or off season will give you even a lower cost.  A good example where reductions may take place would be Europe, the Caribbean and Asia Pacific, and end of the season or repositioning cruises.  After the wedding, unwind with a quick two or three night getaway.

2.  Should We Use Frequent Flyer Miles For Our Honeymoon? 

You may also consider now that you are married, you will have some large purchases that will go on credit cards and the miles saved could be invaluable. For example, you could purchase a coach ticket on Emirates to the Maldives and upgrade using your American Express miles. 

3.  Daily Activities and Ideas

Don’t overdo it, know your limits and balance your time. Take into account flying times and time differences from your hometown. Don’t make the first night your big dinner; spread things out.

4.  Special Surprises While Traveling

Schedule special surprises, flowers, lei greetings, wine, champagne and chocolates in the room on arrival.  Special invitations, concerts, special dinners, events and shows.   Add champagne or wine to a helicopter or hot air balloon flight. Sneak them in without the other one knowing. A half day at the spa in the Maldives is another winner.

5.  Care and Attention While Traveling

We will be a day ahead of you.  We will check and double check the arrangements i.e., hotel accommodations and surprise room deliveries.

6.  Registry for Hotel Payments, Activities and Tours

Set up a registry for gift tours and activities for your honeymoon.

7.  Best Practices on Tipping

What is right and what is wrong, how much should I include in my budget?  We will help you with these recommendations.

8.  Social Media Planning 

Let Summit help set you up on social media.  Show your honeymoon, but enjoy the trip and not the postings.

9. Deposit and Flexible Reservations

A retainer to get started is appropriate.  We will provide a complete list of inclusions of things we do for a fixed price.  No surprises!   We will help you make changes until the tickets are actually purchased. 

10. What Should It Cost?

Preliminary Honeymoon Consultation Planning starts as low as $150 and includes the newlywed bucket list. This will be a reminder of the honeymoon, and roadmap of things to do and see going forward as a married couple.

Let us help you prepare for a Dream Honeymoon!

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