Air Travel on Thanksgiving 

Another year and we are about to start traveling again. 

Here are some tips and ideas I thought of before heading to Denver and wanted to share.

This year, make sure your bags are ready to fly!

  • Familiarize yourself with your airline checked baggage and carry on guidelines, They may have changed from last year!

  • Check your airline ticket and fare sometimes there are special allowances associated with your fare. 

  • Make sure checked bags meet the weight requirements and carry-on bags are regulation size.

  • If you plan to travel with a SMART BAG you must remove the lithium battery before checking it or carrying it on board.

  • It is not the end of the world if they take your luggage at the gate.  Pack so you can quickly remove valuables. Medicines, laptop, money; Be prepared to slip these items into your carry on.  

  • Reserve your parking space for parking at the airport - or call family or UBER for a ride  (Leave early)

  • Check-in early online

  • Holiday travel is a good time to pay for a seat; usually possible at least 24 hours before departure

  • Get to the airport early - you never know how long the TSA lines will be long

  • Bring games for the kids to play at the airport

  • Be sure you have all of your charging cords and go to the airport with them fully charged

  • Plan to bring food- picnic lunch for the airport-  NO liquids You can’t get them through the airport security

  • Carry an empty water bottle and fill with water once you clear TSA Check

  • Prepay for use of an airport club visitor passes; perhaps borrow passes from a friend ( most are transferable)

  • Check the rules for carry on. Condense luggage to fit in one suitcase and still have a smaller carry-on. Check the rules and maximum weights for luggage. Carry Less not more. Everyone will understand if you are not dressed to the nines! 

  • Know your airline connections and times- consider having a list of back up connection flights

  • Don’t carry a lot of liquids, shampoos and conditioners – get them from the hotel or host or Local CVS on arrival

  • Wear heavy clothes rather than pack to limit space and reduce weight-Avoid heavy clothes and arrange for drop off and pick up if going to a warm destination.

  • Leave the gifts home for your host- buy when you get out or take them to dinner, or give a gift card

  • Have phone numbers for everything: your hotel, your car rental agency, your airline, friends at your destination

  • Quick helpful blog on packing your clothes

  •  Lastly and most importantly, keep your cool and don’t lose your temper.

Make this trip a total adventure.  Don’t lose your temper, even if things go wrong.  Airline employees have considerable power over your well-being. Unfortunately, some enjoy wielding it against you, and few respond well to anger.