Attractions in Dubai Part 2: Sea and Beach

Things to do & places to visit in Dubai

For one to believe that Dubai exists, they have to visit there themselves. One may wonder why Dubai is a common term in the lips of the many people who like an adventure. Here you will understand why Dubai is an unmatched city. From the record-breaking buildings, designs, entertainment, shopping, malls, deserts, Hotels & Luxury, Tech Attractions, Cultural Attractions, Travel and Rides, Sports attraction, Events and activities among others that are discussed below. Indeed, Dubai is a hotbed of tourism attraction.

Sea & Beach Attractions

Globally, sea and beach are ranked among the top tourist attraction sites. This is because sea and beaches offer one a variety of fun and enjoyable activities to choose from. You can go to the beach to relax, enjoy the sea breeze, play with water, and swim among various other activities. It is worth to note that most of the world countries are landlocked or cannot access the sea or even the ocean. In other words, many countries do not have direct access to the sea and therefore have no beaches. It would also mean that the citizens of these countries cannot enjoy the beach from their countries unless they travel. Due to this, you may be wondering the place to visit especially if you come from these countries. The solution for that is here. Dubai is the place to be. Reason being it will offer you almost all the activities you can imagine of. Below are some of the activities.



Snorkeling is the type of swimming where you swim through the water mass while you are dressed in a diving mask which has a tube-like shape called a snorkel and at times some swimming fins. This recreational activity in the Dubai beaches is very appealing and attractive as they present to you an opportunity to have a view and observe the underwaters in a very natural setting rather than the usual pictures, drawing or videos that you are used to watching. It also allows you to play and swim together with the fish as well as other creatures in the water. Some of the places you can try the snorkeling includes the Ambassador's Lagoon, Al Boom diving, and the Dubai Aquarium.


Shark Dive

This is a sporting activity in the Dubai that will allow you dive with the sharks. The activity has helped to change the perception many people had towards the shark that they dangerous to the human being. As a result, many people have started embracing the sharks and loving the sporting activity as well. With this sport, you will be able to swim with the shark itself, have a close and natural view of it even take photos to post on the social media websites such as Instagram. One can also be able to dive deep into the sea as they try to reach the sharks. In Dubai, shark diving is offered at places such as Atlantis the Palm among others.


Dubai Marina Beach

Dubai Marina beach is a resort and spa which is located between the Dubai Marina and the Jumeirah beach. It is also located close to the Dubai marina mall as well as the Dubai Tram. Therefore, by visiting the beach, you will have some much fun and activities at your disposal. You can walk into the Dubai mall and do your shopping and also enjoy the magnificent interiors of the mall. The beach itself offers you an outdoor pool where you can relax and also enjoy the calm winds on the beach. The beach also allows activities such as the skyscraping, apartment blocks and an ideal environment for a walk of lovers just after they have had their meal. All these are offered to you at very pocket-friendly rates.


Dhow Cruise

This is another breathtaking activity you must enjoy at the sea once you visit Dubai. The sea adventure entails boarding the traditional dhows and enjoying your meals such as dinner during the rides. You will then cruise down the Dubai creeks as you enjoy the luminous looks of the Dubai city. You will have unmatched fun on the shows. You will have the best moment to show to prove your love to your loved one as you enjoy the cultural music in Dubai as well as the Tanoura dance. Romance has never been this easy before. This activity can be found on among other places the Dubai creek.


Dubai Water Park

The water park is another must-do activity on your visit to Dubai. The activity comprises various features such as jumps into the water, monkey bars, balloons, and slides among others. During these activities, you will be provided with life jackets to ensure your safety during your time in the park. There are also staffs to guide you through the park. The largest inflatable water park in Dubai and the world is the AquaFun. The park has both the highest and the most extended water slides that extend to an area of 2700 square meters. The AquaFun floating park also spells the word Dubai on the ground though it is not easy to notice. AquaFun helps you and your children to remain entertained for the hours you will be in it.


Kite Beach

Kite beach is rated among the places that will make their Dubai visits a memorable one. The beach is a darling to many visitors who enjoy the water-related activities. The beach offers an excellent serene for the beachgoers as well as the kite surfers to unite on the beach. Also, the beach provides you with the required water sports activities which include the kitesurfing, wakeboarding, paddle boarding and many others. You can also engage yourself in the free morning jogs with our lovers along the 14 km track. Taking photos in another added advantage for you. It is located at a stone throw distance from the Jumeirah main street. You can’t afford to miss this fun at Kite Beach.



In the long list of the things that attracts most visitors to Dubai is the flyboard sport. This is a fantastic brand new sporting activity in Dubai where the participant rises above the sea with the help of a hydro flying device and then dives back into the sea. It is a thrilling moment soaring like a superman and also having a first-hand experience rather than hearing or reading about it. Experienced instructors offer you with a guide and advice on the best way to fly, how to remain balanced as well as to dive. This activity is being provided at the Burj Al Arab.


Jet Ski

The activity involves riding personal watercraft on the sea or any other water body for recreational purposes. In Dubai, the activity is very common along the coastline. The jet ski can go for speeds exceeding 100 kilometers per hour which will make you feel like you are flying. The activity can cause your hairs rise, but you will want to feel yourself time and again. The recreational activity can be found in places such as the Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab among other places in Dubai.



Also, known as parakiting or parascending, is a unique recreational kitting activity that you cannot afford to miss on your visit to Dubai. The activity allows you to fly in the air for as much as you wish. It offers you a lot of fun as well as adventure all these in one go. It also allows you to have a sky view of the city as well as a breathtaking view of the ocean from the sky. To enhance your security, one is offered the protective gear as well as clear guidelines from the experts on the ways to ensure the activity is a success for you. This activity is common in places such as the Jumeirah Beach in Dubai.


Water Ski

This is an activity on the surface of the water in which the rider is pulled by a boat or a cable ski device over the water. The activity is closely related to the jet skiing but varies in some ways. Water skiing offers you another exciting reason why you should want to visit Dubai. The activity requires you to have a lot of confidence as you will be pulled at the speed of the boat. Water skiing is offered to you by various water sports companies such as Nemo WaterSports Dubai ski and flyboard which will ensure that your safety is guaranteed. To enjoy this fun activity, you will only need to visit places such as the Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, Dubai's sheik island, Dubai Marina and several others.



This another reason why you should make an effort of visiting Dubai. This activity is nearly similar to canoeing, but the difference is the place where the paddler sits and the number of blades on the paddle. Kayaking for instance at the Hatta Dam allows you to enjoy the peace at sea as well as a view of mountains. Also, kayaking in Dubai Marina gives you an opportunity to explore the city beginning from the Sofitel the Palm through the Atlantis, Burj Al Arab and eventually the Burj Khalifa. This will allow you to have a view of the towering buildings and the different architectural designs used in the buildings. Kayaking at the Eastern Mangroves provides an opportunity for you to explore the Mangrove forest in the United Arabs Emirates, feel the nature, watch the various species of birds and also see some fish deep in the water. Other places where you can have the kayaking experience is the Jumeirah.



Windsurfing is yet another recreation activity on the water surface integrates the elements of surfing as well as those of sailing. The activity enables you to feel the gentle breeze of the sea as you surf on the water. The speed at which you are going to move at will most depend on the strength or the weakness of the wind in the sea. It can, therefore, be speedy depending on your wish. One is advised by the experts to prevent the risk that may arise. This activity is common at the Jebel Ali Golf Resort & Spa, Palm Jumeirah and several other places.


Paddle Boating

The activity is almost similar to kayaking. The two shares several features but the only difference is that in Kayaking, bladed paddles are used while in paddle boating, the rider uses the paddle wheels. Paddle boating allows you to have some light fun as you move around the sea in Dubai. You will be able to view a variety of sea creatures such as birds and fish, a view of the mountains and buildings, enjoy the calm and peaceful breeze at the water and also feel the fun of speedy moves in the sea waters. In Dubai, this activity is common in various places such as Ras Al Khaimah, Hatta dam, and several others. This activity is offered by multiple companies such as SeaYou, Kite N Surf, and Kitesurfing – Kite Zone Dubai, Surf House Dubai and several others.


Cruise Ride

It is no secret that cruise riding is a major tourist attraction in Dubai as it is to many other places with similar services. Sailing on the sea waters in the company of your loved one gives a feeling that is rare to find elsewhere. This is why you need to make an effort and feel it yourself. The experience is in a way hard to describe, but it is just amazing. Enjoying a meal or even a drink on the boat, watching the creatures in the sea, taking selfies to share on the Instagram, among other things makes it extremely enjoyable. Cruise riding is offered in places such as the Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek, Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, Bateaux Dubai, Atlantis, Musandam and few others.


The Walk At JBR

The famous walk at the JBR is a walk on a 1.7 kilometers stretch of the Jumeirah Beach Residence complex in Dubai. The walk has been a significant tourist attraction site in Dubai since it was officially launched in 2008 by the Dubai Properties Group. The 1.7 KM stretch allows the visitors to do their shopping, dining with colleagues as well as walk along the sea. On the strip, various features are very attractive to both the local and the international visitors. These include outdoor pop-up, boutiques such as Sauce-on-sea among others. After you have completed doing your shopping, you can get then an iced latte at the numerous cafes in the place which includes the Paul. You can also enjoy a Dubai culture meal at the available restaurants. Other than shopping, you can also enjoy watching fancy cars such as Ferraris driving by on the weekends and any other special days. You can’t regret visiting the place at all. Try it, and you will prove me right!


Scuba Dive

This could be a new thing to you but worth giving a trial. Why may you ask? Because it will provide the rare awe-inspiring feeling for you and your loved ones if you do it. The activity involves diving deep into the water where the diver has an underwater breathing apparatus. In other words, the diver carries their source of breathing air which is compressed to ensure its independence from the water surfaces. In Dubai, this activity allows you to dive deep into the blue waters, have a view of the sea animals, as well as enjoy the Dubai waters. To ensure this, the sporting companies such as SeaYou and Kite N Surf gives the visitors the protective gear and also the necessary advice. Scuba diving can be found in places such as the Dubai Atlantis, Shamrocks, Martini rock, Inchcape, and others.


Beach Volleyball

This is a game involving two teams, and that is played on the sand courts of the beaches. A net then divides it, and each team takes its side. The game gives the volleyball enthusiasts a different experience from the usual one that they are used to in the common grounds. It also enhances the skills of the players, and at the same time, they enjoy the cool and calm sea breeze. During the games, refreshments are also provided for the visitors and participants. Also, the visitors are given a platform to socialize and networks thus making new friends as well as learning new things. Beach volley is found in places such as Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) and Kite Beach Dubai. Let’s meet on the sand for these and much more.


Dolphin Encounter

Dolphin Encounter is an experience you cannot forget under whatever circumstance. The activity entails an encounter with the dolphin that has been caged. You are allowed to personally connect with the dolphin through ways such as hugging, kissing, dancing, and photo taking. You will also have a chance to watch the dolphin show their high energies in jumping. Other services you will get in the dolphin encounter includes wetsuits, orientation by an expert, refreshments, towels, and lockers among others. This recreation activity can be found in Dolphin Bay in Atlantis and few others.



Sunbathing is the act of sitting in the sun. The activity is very common on the numerous beaches in Dubai. With is come enjoying and relaxing at the beaches while basking in the hot sun and a cool breeze from the sea. Also, you can enjoy your drinks as you sunbathe. You will also have a great chance to take photos and selfies of yourself as well as the surrounding. If you wish to enjoy alcohol, you can choose to use the private beaches as this is not allowed on the public beaches. Sunbathing is available for at Marina heights, Al Majara, Park Island, Princess Tower, Marina Quays and several others.


Al Mamzar Beach Park

Al Mamzar Beach Park is a family friendly park. It offers you with a variety of activities to choose from. The park accommodates various beaches and beautiful green fields. It, therefore, provides you with activities such as swimming in the pools, walking on the beaches, picnics for the loved ones, playgrounds for the children, parks for skating among many others. The park also has multiple barbecue areas which contain chairs, tables, and grills. There are also beautiful palm trees that are planted in the park making it one of a kind. The park also contains a variety of grown green life hence making the park very admirable. You can’t imagine missing this. The park is located close to Al Khaleej Road, Dubai.