Hiking Iceland: The Top Routes and What to Bring

Guest post from All the Rooms

Backpacking Iceland falls into the “dream vacation” category. It’s the type of adventure you read about in a Nat Geo feature or on the Discovery Channel. One of those “man, that would be awesome” situations. Why is it so special? Well, it’s not everywhere that you can hike through lava fields and past blue lagoons to end up taking a dip in a hot spring. Or maybe it’s ice-caving during the day and then leaving your sleeping bags to catch the Northern Lights at night. Whatever dream combination you’re after, backpacking Iceland is certainly an adventure not soon forgotten.

So how does one navigate this beautiful island, it’s vast wilderness and natural beauty? We’re here to give you a little head start and help you make that dream vacation a reality.


Overnight Trekking Trips

Laugavegur and Fimmvorduhals Trek

Normally tackled in five to seven days, Laugavegur and Fimmvorduhals is one of Iceland’s most stunning treks. You’ll walk in between glaciers, visit volcano eruption sites and explore geothermal areas (hot springs).

The trek makes a loop in southern Iceland and is easily accessible from Reykjavik. While you may have to compete with other backpackers looking to see the sights (Southern Iceland is the tourist region), this loop is one of the best ways to see the incredible diversity of Iceland’s wilderness.

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