Seat Guru can be a Life Saver for Flights

You book a flight with United and it is a code share with Lufthansa or Thai Airways.

You pay for your ticket and then go online to your frequent traveler account.  

Lo and behold the flights are there but no seat assignments are made.  Sometimes it will say check back 23 hours before the flight departure or worse yet, when you get to the airport. 

Even if you can get a seat from the map there is not usually a legend that tells you about the light from the galley in your face or how many rows from the lavatory door you are. They seem to slam all night. 

Further to your dismay there are no seats and no seat maps to suggest the best place to sit.  No suggestions as to the best spot for the or how best to divide up the family for the best seats.  Windows and aisles near bathrooms and galley are not ideal.  Also, a seat next to the door in an emergency exit can freeze your legs and one side of your body.   All of this can be problematic for the head of household. 

There can also be a charge for a seat, and another not have one and you are wondering why.  What is the difference?  The plane is unknown to you.

To help let us share with you a great website that will help.  All airlines and all information about your seat and the location as suggested by frequent travelers: Seat Guru. Click here and enter all of your information in, flight by flight to avois some of the worst airline seats.