Translation Staff are Immersed in Second Screen Technology

Translation professionals complimented our clients last week in Buenos Aires on the use of Second Screen technology.  The  translation team had the same iPad as the meeting attendees in their translation booth. The team had all of the presentation one week in advance, but on the day of the meeting we provided the second screen technology in the booth.  A special briefing form Summit’s President Joe Lipman was provided  on how to interact with this technology during the meeting.


Hard copy paper copies of the presentations can be a thing of the past in the booth.  Now, the translators can take the submitted questions in a foreign language from the iPad, translate the question on a second iPad and send them to the client’s dedicated “question catcher” team for discussion and moderation. People just don’t like to stand up and talk, they are concerned that their English is not good enough.  Writing a question in one’s native toungue allows a guest to ask what is needed.    

Finally, the translators commented that they enjoy being able to enlarge a section of the slide to see numbers and symbols which were not clear on the presentation slide in the front of the room and even on the hard copy.   This technology made for a more impactful meeting.

The recent group of 85 participants in  Buenos Aires were locked in with greater engagement using the second screen technology.  The client commented that they got more questions than ever.