Air Travel on Thanksgiving

Another year and we are about to start traveling again.  Here are some tips and ideas I thought of before heading to Denver and wanted to share.  

  1. Reserve your parking space in advance or call UBER for a ride. 
  2. Check-in for your flight early online.
  3. Holiday travel is a good time to pay for a seat; usually possible at least 24hours in advance.
  4. Get to the airport early.  You never know how long the TSA lines will be.
  5. Bring games for the kids to do at the airport.
  6. Plan to bring a picnic lunch for the airport.
  7. Prepay for use of an airport club visitor passes; perhaps borrow passes from a friend.
  8. Check the rules for carry on. Condense luggage to fit in one suitcase and still have a smaller carry-on. Check the rules and maximum weights for luggage.
  9. Quick helpful blog on packing your clothes.
  10. Know your airline connections and times. Consider having a list of back up connection flights.
  11. Don’t carry a lot of liquids, shampoos and conditioners. Get them from the hotel or host
  12. Wear heavy clothes rather than pack to limit space and reduce weight. Avoid heavy clothes and arrange for drop off and pick up if going to a warm destination.
  13. Leave the bulky gifts at home. Buy them for your hosts when you get out there, take them to dinner or give a gift card.
  14. Have phone numbers for everything: your hotel, your car rental agency, your airline, friends at your destination.
  15. Keep your cool, don’t lose your temper. Make it a total adventure Don’t lose it even if things go wrong. Airline employees have considerable power over your well-being. Unfortunately, some enjoy wielding it against you, and few respond well to anger.